Re: Artifact burnout

Dan Corrin (
Mon, 22 Aug 94 10:12:05 EDT

> From Sun Aug 21 08:44:32 1994
> > There are a finite number of inner locations and once those are cleared
> > the world will become much less interesting.
> This is the concern that prompted Glenn's suggestion. The idea was
> that these artifacts could be used a finite number of times, after
> which they would melt away to be regenerated somewhere else.
> Your idea is actually considerably simpler. Just don't regenerate
> the beasties when they die, and when the last one dies, the artifact
> melts away and is regenerated elsewhere.

I was quite surprised when the units kept regenerating, and in the
location of the noble too. So I started using them quite recklessly.
If they die permamently, then perhaps there should be some way of
adding forces to them, say if you have some skeletons from a fight
and a helm of undead control, then you should be able to beef up your
unit (if they can go away).


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