Re: Allow GIVE/BUY/etc. across zero time routes?

Patrick McLaughlin (
Sun, 21 Aug 1994 11:29:34 -700 (PDT)

I think I'd skip the buy/sell. After all, the market doesn't come to the
castle, or the tower.

If you leave your house to go to the store, is there a risk someone will
burglarize it? Does your grocer come to you?

It'd be nice to make the place owner secure, but the only one that I'd be
comforatble with would be when someone specifically comes to your door to

Buy and sell might be plausible, but I think that the cost would be
high--you're talking about special services, and people that provide that
sort of service to aristocrats tend to charge a very high fee for their
"superior" goods.

I'm not suggesting this, because I think it would add too much code, but
if one buys/sells from a place other than the market, there ought to be a
stiff cost of business--say 20 or 25% change in the price, to the
detriment of the person in the sublocation.

As for ships... you getthe best price when someone goes out and haggles
with the various merchants, tests the market, etc. If you want to get
someoen to come to you, you dance to his tune.


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