Allow GIVE/BUY/etc. across zero time routes?

Benjamin D. Swain Jr. (
Sat, 20 Aug 94 12:48:46 EDT

> Benjamin D. Swain Jr. <> writes:
> > I don't think forcing units to walk around between sub-locs is
> > critical to game play, but I think that the choices it forces you to
> > make and their consequences are.
> If you think that such choices are "critical" (an awfully strong word),
> could you give some examples of such choices and how they have a major
> influence on game outcome?
> It seems to me that the whole question is whether it really makes a big
> difference, or is just an inconvenience. And at the moment I lean
> toward the latter. So some examples of the former would be a big help.
> David desJardins

Yes, "critical" was a bit strong to use when I could have simply said
I agreed with Tim's and Jay's remarks on the matter. Being forced
to decide to leave your ship unattended to sell your fish; give up
top spot in the location listing if you want to run up to the
castle; will this player betray you if you ADMIT him; were the type
of decisions I meant and the ones expressed by them.

Quite frankly, since I don't ever recall being biten by this
nuisance error, that colors my perspective very much. It explicitly
states in the rules that 2 units must be in the same location to
interact. So to me, any assumption that because you can see a unit
changes what the rules say almost isn't understandable. Every inner
loc, regardless of it's movement rating, is listed seperately with
it's unit number in the location list. To me that's a cue that this
is a different location than where my unit is; even if I can see
into it.

Just my .02 worth. As Barry said "I can live with it either way".


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