Suggestion for Taxation (fwd)

Rich Skrenta (
Wed, 27 Apr 94 9:24:23 EDT

> From: Allan Flanagan <>
> Date: Tue, 26 Apr 94 16:02:53 -0400
> To:
> Subject: Suggestion for Taxation
> Perhaps there could be a command TAX time 1 day.
> You must have a garrison in the province. This command will intercept
> the gold headed to the castle. The amount received will be 10% more
> than usual because the cost of shipping the money is not encured.
> eg: I have units in a province: they order TAX, they imediately
> intercept x gold and get x+.1x gold.
> The garrison report would say:
> 30: Collected YYYY gold from owned provinces.
> 30: NOBLE [tttt] taxed: zzzz, YYYY woud be less the zzzz.
> allan

Comments? I would probably have the tax line appear on the day the
noble actually taxed, i.e.

14: Noble [tttt] collected n gold in taxes.
30: Collected YYYY gold from owned provinces.

Presumably TAX could only be used once per month.

This is an okay wrinkle, it gives a nice small incremental benefit for
some extra effort. But is it needed/useful/desirable?

Rich Skrenta <>

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