Suggest uses for gold

Rich Skrenta (
Sun, 27 Mar 94 16:11:42 EST

I need some new non-essential things for players to spend money on.
I don't want to raise the cost of "necessities", such as the maintenance
cost on men or the cost to study. But there should be some money sinks
that rich players can dump their excess gold into.

There should always be more things available than you can afford to buy...


Here are some ideas I had:

1) Implement the design-a-castle extras for Construction (add crenellations,
moat, porticullis, etc), but make them cost a wad of money. These extras
are mostly for show, but would add a small amount to the defensive
ability of the castle.

2) Sell some useful items such as pikes and longswords at market, but
make them expensive.

3) Add another group of NPC's: Mercenary units. These would be groups
of soldiers which would move around on their own, but which could be
hired by players. These units would stack with players who paid them.
They would probably have 50-100 soldiers, and charge a minimum fee 10
times their usual maintenance cost.

Rich Skrenta <>

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