Re: Land ownership mechanic

John Sloan (
Fri, 18 Feb 94 08:29:17 GMT wrote :

>Dan Corrin <> writes:
>> In your new game, whoever builds their castles first can take
>> a commanding lead against others. With a strong castle defense
>> and location reports from all the provinces, (assuming a kingdom
>> of radius 5+) it would be nearly impossible to sneak up on the castle,
>> and even more difficult to build one's own castle.
>> I hope that we can catch any problems with this in play-testing...
>Me too. The whole point is to make players be powerful, and hopefully
>to spur some fighting. Does this system make it impossible for newbies
>to get ahead? Can anything be done about it?

I'm not convinced for the need for a _full_ turn report from owned land. If you
get that, players with large empires are likely to suffer from information
overload (I'm getting that a bit already). And as pointed out, it makes it hard
to wander around unnoticed.

But we'll see how it goes.

>Rich Skrenta <>

Faction Curumo

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