Re: Land ownership mechanic

John Sloan (
Thu, 17 Feb 94 08:19:58 GMT

Dan Corrin <> wrote :

>> It seems quite realistic to have the land bound to the castle.
>It does require that you have a castle before you can participate
>in the conquering scheme... On turn 70 there were 15 castles for 29 players
>about 50% unless some players have multiple castles (highly likely)
>so maybe 1/3 of the players at that time, less now...

So you have more incentive, if there wasn't enough already, to build yourself a
castle. Its less hard than you might expect, albeit time consuming.

>> > I still like the idea of the noble going around
>> > collecting the taxes. I can't believe that people can't be bothered to
>> > ride around on horseback and collect money...
>> I don't have an opinion on this point. It's certainly easier for me to
>> not teleport money to the castle, but most players seem to be in favor
>> of the auto-forwarding of revenue.
>Of course the players are in favour of teleporting money. I'd be in
>favour of the gods granting me 20,000 gold, but that doesn't mean
>that it is good for the game.

The alternative is either having nobles wandering around collecting the money
(which would get tedious quickly, and has no visible advantage over wandering
around pillaging in terms of noble-day consumption) or a complex scheme of tax
deliverers. Teleporting money - well its not so much teleporting, as travelling
through the safe area generated by the kingdom.

Its not as realistic as it could be - granted - but I think you have to draw a
line to make the game more playable and easier to code at some point.

>If you must teleport money, why not just put it back into the unclaimed
>items. Those factions who were thrifty in the game have an advantage
>over those who weren't, as they can make money magically appear if they
>are stuck (e.g exploring in a remote corner of the torus), by claiming
>the gold.

Sarcasm will get you everywhere. Perhaps we should have a Sarcasm skill - a
subskill of Persuasion, I would have thought. Only one week to learn.
Benefits.... um...

> -Dan

Faction Curumo.

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