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Rich Skrenta (
Mon, 14 Feb 94 9:25:19 EST

> I think there should be some sort of questing. Once in a while you
> should make up a quest (find an item, kill a powerful monster
> (dragon?) that would be difficult to do. Make some sort of prize for
> the winner (noble points, perhaps?), depending on the difficulty of
> the quest. If the quest is for an item, then make the item heavilly
> guarded. You could make the quests based from mythology (get the
> Golden Fleece, slay the Dragon, etc.).

I'm currently working on adding some adventure/questing elements to Olympia.
There would be many kinds of sublocations such as ruins, caves, lairs,
dark forests, etc. spread around the map. These exist now, but there
aren't enough of them, and they're all empty.

Each of these sublocations would have a monster guarding it. There would
be a chart in the rules listing the kinds of monsters and how dangerous
each was. Attacking the monster would yield some kind of reward:

0. no reward
1. pile of gold
2. quantity of a rare tradegood
3. free a prisoner of the monster who joins your faction
4. rare artifact

The artifact might be something simple, like a sword that adds +10 to
your noble's attack value. There might be monsters elsewhere that can
only be defeated with the artifact you obtained. Or you might learn
that your artifact can be used in a ritual with two other artifacts
(that may not have been found yet, or might be in other player's hands).
Perhaps this ritual consumes the three artifacts and produces one of
even greater powers...

> PS:How long will the Alpha game last, and how much will the real game
> cost?

I don't know how long the alpha game will last. I don't have any plans
to shut it down, however. There are still new features I want to add
and test.

The real game is most likely to cost US$2.50/turn (1 turn/week turnaround).

Rich Skrenta <>

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