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Rich Skrenta (
Fri, 11 Feb 94 6:39:29 EST

> Combat:
> Since experience normally helps you out, I was thinking that when a
> player is attacked, if the attacked player wins, his defense should
> increase by one. Likewise, if a player attacks another unit and wins,
> then his attack should increase by one.

I like this enhancement, but it should have some restriction so that
you don't advance unless the forces are reasonably matched. If 50
elite guards beat up a noble, they shouldn't get an increase in
attack (or should they?) If your big army is repeatedly attacked by
small rats, should your defenese increase each time?

Is it worth implementing some kind of limit here, or should I just
award the bonus in all cases?

> Train angry peasants:
> I feel this is a useless skill. After you have raised and rallyed
> several peasant mobs, so now you have 60+ men to go attack something or
> somebody. It is impossible to train every man individually, because by
> the time you have them trained they have left you. A better skill would
> be to deliver an intense ten day speech to prepare them for war and maybe
> 50% to 75% of them would gain the attack bonus. Of course Henry V did
> this in a few hours, but he was already working with soldiers. Hey,
> there's a thought.

I'm wondering if there's some confusion over what this skill does.
Train angry peasants allows you to take regular peasants and turn
them into angry peasants, with TRAIN. It has nothing to do with raising
or rallying mobs, although the latter entities do also contain angry

Perhaps one or the other should be removed from the game.

Rich Skrenta <>

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