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Fri, 28 Jan 1994 21:35:38 -0800 (PST)

Rich wrote:
[bunch of interesting stuff deleted]

> In the meanwhile, we have the opportunity to make part of Olympia work
> like this, at least a little bit. Given that a kingdom may establish
> a fixed garrison unit in the province, some choices about how the
> garrison functions must be made:
> o Does the garrison provide a location report to the kingdom,
> or to the province's owner?

I would say that the garrison should report only to it's owner at default,
but the messages can be "forwarded" on to the capitol

> o Does the garrison automatically forward taxes to the owner,
> or must he visit to collect them?

An idea I had, was to have 'messenger' units, that transport the money from
the garrion to the capitol. There must be a route there, or the garrison would
be lost anyways, and it allows for some highway robbery of tax money, which is
not currently possible(well, I guess pillaging is kinda that way..hmm...).

> William Bruvold's proposal went further, requiring that garrisons be
> periodically visited by their owner, or they would desert.

I think this may take up too much of a nobles time. I'd rather that nobles
never have to be present in garrisons, except to set them up or transfer
ownership(well, maybe not to transfer ownership)

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