Re: Making Olympia more interesting

Rich Skrenta (
Fri, 28 Jan 94 9:00:43 EST

> Exact mechanism for owning land at the bottom level isn't really that
> important.

If you ever want to see it implemented, it is. I agree that in terms of
game balance, it doesn't matter. But thinking up a nice way to implement
this is important to smooth implementation, smooth play, and freedom from
bugs and design holes.

For example, compare Oly I's ships with Oly II's ships. In Oly I, you
stacked with your ship, and a MOVE command by the top character moved
the ship. This worked fine, until you were exploring and hit some land.
The captain and crew would unstack from the ship and trudge off on foot,
leaving the ship abandoned behind. :-)

Rich Skrenta <>

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