Re: Making Olympia more interesting

Allan Flanagan (
Fri, 28 Jan 94 04:59:32 -0500

>I'm starting to agree that a form of land ownership independent of
>nobles is necessary. Some sort of mechanism where a garrison of
>men would be left in a province, providing the owner with a location
>report. Ownership of a province would be obtained by attacking the
>existing garrison.

And installing your own garrison. Until you garrison the province it is

>The garrison would be capable of only limited actions, perhaps
>including guarding and defense of allied characters nearby.

I aggree. No other actions are possible.

>I'm not sure exactly what mechanism to use to represent the garrison.
>Possibilities are a unit (such as the peasant mobs), a structure such
>as a fort, or the location entity itself.

I favour the unit concept. This would allow garrisons to be located in
buildings like castles or other protective locations.

>This doesn't quite fit together...yet. I have a couple of vague problems:

> 1. What inducement is there for a character to give land
> to a group? Why would Osswid donate his 10 provinces to
> the Imperial Realm? What benefit would he gain?

He probably would if he couldn't protect it and they could. Perhaps
we should introduce a feudal system.

> 2. Could there be some way to hierarchically structure ownership?
> For instance, Osswid would retain direct ownership of his
> 10 provinces, but his commitment to the Imperial Realm would
> also places these provinces under their control?

Exactly! Say I have a castle and kingdom of 10 provinces. So I would get
the castle taxes plus the 9 other provinces 10% (or whatever).

And I grant 3 provinces to another noble who builds a castle. The new noble
gets the taxes from his little "kingdom" (the castle and 2 provinces).
Which is more money than I could get for the same land. Nobles must be
in castles so many people will be limited in this way. Now I would have
the option of taxing the minor noble 0-20% of his income from his land.

The new noble gets land he didn't have before and I get more protection
as the new noble builds an army.

This hinges on a hostile world were you need protection from npc's but
I would rather have to need protection from other evil players. NPC's are
so impersonal. No offense Rich.

Also you could add in titles (like the mage,wizard or priest), for
every x provinces and y vassels I gain I progress up a titles scale.
Count, baron, king, emperor etc.

> I don't see how this could work, but maybe someone will have
> a good idea.

Perhaps religion should be split into 3 (or more) religions each aligned
to evil or good. The spells don't need to change much between the types
of religions but perks could be gained for dealling with some opposing
religions. This would start the attacks and the need for defense.

Anyways enough ramblings. Its late.

>Rich Skrenta <>

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