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Rich Skrenta (
Thu, 27 Jan 94 10:08:56 EST

I'm starting to agree that a form of land ownership independent of
nobles is necessary. Some sort of mechanism where a garrison of
men would be left in a province, providing the owner with a location
report. Ownership of a province would be obtained by attacking the
existing garrison.

The garrison would be capable of only limited actions, perhaps
including guarding and defense of allied characters nearby.

I'm not sure exactly what mechanism to use to represent the garrison.
Possibilities are a unit (such as the peasant mobs), a structure such
as a fort, or the location entity itself.

Drassa [cy76], province

Routes leaving Drassa:

Ruled by Osswid [5501]
Garrison: ten pikemen, three knights

I don't think it will be necessary to put lots of teeth into land
ownership. Simply having an official way to claim a province, and
a permanent watch over it, should be enough to enforce control.

As for organizations: they are groups of characters, with one noble
designated as the leader. Land may be owned by an organanization,
although land control is not necessarily a goal of every group.
Certainly the Imperial Realm wants to control as many provinces as
possible, but the Brotherhood of Thieves has a different agenda.

This doesn't quite fit together...yet. I have a couple of vague problems:

1. What inducement is there for a character to give land
to a group? Why would Osswid donate his 10 provinces to
the Imperial Realm? What benefit would he gain?

2. Could there be some way to hierarchically structure ownership?
For instance, Osswid would retain direct ownership of his
10 provinces, but his commitment to the Imperial Realm would
also places these provinces under their control?

I don't see how this could work, but maybe someone will have
a good idea.

Rich Skrenta <>

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