Re: Entity reference tags (fwd)

Rich Skrenta (
Mon, 20 Dec 93 11:50:33 EST

> You need at least one character for
> the type prefix. Then you can have up to 999 of whatever it is, unless
> you use multiple letters to mean the same prefix.
> c459
> i12
> s161

Hmm, actually, this could work. I could set aside a few letters for
prefixed things like skills, spells and items. Then use the rest of
the letters for prefixes for character entities. I would have about 20,
giving me 20,000 possible chars. Begin all npc's with 'n' and let them
go to four digits... and have a four-digit-possible overflow prefix under
the chars, so I could have 30k chars. That should be enough.

Then I can keep the mnemonic tags for items and skills, so you can call
gold "gold" and clay pots "cp" and Detect gates "dg".

Rich Skrenta <>

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