Re: Roads,cities, and monsters

Rich Skrenta (
Thu, 9 Dec 93 12:20:53 EST

> Yes. A certain distance from large buildings should civilise when they
> complete. Say within 2 moves for castles, and the province Inns, Towers and
> Temples are in?

This is similar to an idea Chuk just suggested. Perhaps have the
civ level of a province be determined by the presence of cities
or structures, and also by the civ level of surrounding provinces.

Something like:

civ level = MAX(nbuildings, MAX(civ level of neighbors) - 1)

where nbuildings includes 1 for each city, and castles count for 2

So civilization would spread out automatically from buildings,
producing frontier areas. Perhaps different gradiations of wilderness,
i.e. frontier, wilderness, deep wilderness.

Rich Skrenta <>

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