Speaking of coffins...

John Sloan (johns@unipalm.co.uk)
Tue, 07 Dec 93 13:18:25 GMT

Zombies. They seem a bit crap. I assume you don't have to feed them, but only
being able to recruit at the same rate as peasants, and no better in battle than
them. Given that, paying 1gold/peasant seems a cheap price to avoid being tied
down to graveyards.

I would have thought having them about as powerful as soldiers would be more
appropriate. Even then its pretty marginal unless you are skint.

Having them not decay if maintained by the necromacer by payment of Aura (say 1
Aura/50 zombies/month) would be more interesting. It places a limit on the
number you can have, and means that if you kill the necromancer, you kill the

With that ability to maintain, it would even be worth training the zombies
(which I think should be possible) to get cheap but effective troops.


zombie soldier (5,3) --> zombie pikeman (5,15)
--> zombie swordsman (15,9)

zombies of course cannot ride horses

[aside - there should really be a man-at-arms type warrior made from swordsmen
by adding armour (probably chain rather than plate).]

Just my two bits.


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