Re: Giving away info

John Sloan (
Mon, 06 Dec 93 15:10:33 GMT wrote :

>I would like to give away more information about units, since it
>differentiates them. It seems boring to be in a location full of
>identical-seeming units.
>On the other hand, players want to be as secretive as possible.
>Here's another idea I'm considering:
>Display a tag identifying magicians.
> tag spells known
> --- ------------
> mage 1-6
> wizard 7-12
> sorcerer 13+
> necromancer any necro spell
>There would be a [160] skill "Appear common". n aura used would
>give n months of magician-tag suppression.
>Rich Skrenta <>

It should be based on spells used, rather than spells known. I have a character
who knows quite a few spells, but hasn't as yet used any of them. What makes
him look like a mage?

Other mages would be able to detect the aura control more easily, I would have

Which gives you:

Mage 1-6 MaxAura
Wizard 7-12
Sorcerer 13+

Necromancers can be picked out by the large numbers of undead following them


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