Re: faction trees - keep em!

Rich Skrenta (
Sat, 4 Dec 93 9:29:18 EST

>> It's not entirely impossible, as you can create a group of masked units.
> The danger of discovery is so high that I wouldn't do it.


>> I can almost imagine a way to set up a "faction within a faction", too,
> Yeah, but then people might want to do that for every single new
> noble. Why not just keep faction trees?

I envision having one character who would be the root of the secret
alter-ego subfaction. This character would have some special ability
to allow him to be the root of a subfaction.

Existing FT's arise more incidentally than through player design.
My guess is that most players aren't very aware of their command


Have a skill Leadership [151], cost 1 NP, no subskills.

A character issuing SWEAR to a unit with Leadership would become
a vassal of the target unit instead of the player.

In this way, having FT's would only be by choice. It was also be an
exception to find a unit with a character lord, instead of the rule.

Rich Skrenta <>

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