Re: Permissions proposal

John Sloan (
Fri, 03 Dec 93 08:25:00 GMT

William Bruvold <> wrote :

>> More:
>> o I propose that hostile/neutral/ally and admit stick around
>> from turn to turn, but receive's expire.
>> This is partly because some receive orders implicitly go
>> away once they've been used, i.e:
>> receive 5501 10 2
>> doesn't mean that 5501 can give me 2 peasants 100 times in
>> a row.
>> Alternately, we can simply have RECEIVE <who> / NORECEIVE <who>,
>> to allow a person to give us any amount of goods. These would
>> stick around, but you wouldn't be able to limit what items or
>> how many you received.
>Ok but I think some of the discussion about units/factions/and
>attitude indicates that it might be time for people to rethink their
>position about the faction hierarchy and chunking the tree. Lets
>look at an example......
>My faction (Roack's Ranger's) is currently cooperating pretty
>extensively with another player. We have pretty extensive
>communication via-email and simply tell each other "give x to unit y
>this turn". If we needed to know exactly which unit to set
>permission for and for which unit I think a lot more of our turns
>would be screwed up (which actually is a high percentage). Writing
>turns would become extremely tedious as we would have to make sure
>that the specific unit being used had recieved permission.
>If we only had to issue a recieve/admit order for our respective
>factions from the top entity once, it would cut down on the tedium.
>Think this out, making it necessary to note units and not factions
>really increases chances for error/tedium without markeded
>improvement in game play.

I see no reason why we could not have both systems. I would certainly prefer to
steer away from the Atlantis idea of 'I attack your faction, I attack all of
your faction, including the bits I don't know about'. IN that light, it would
be nice, if a nobles allegiance is not know, to be able to pretend to be two
factions, using the entity-mail system to cover the source address of the mail.

So I see a need for noble-by-noble permissions. And I can see why you might
want to set permissions for your entire faction, or one entire branch of your
faction, which could be overridden on a noble-by-noble basis.


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