Re: Permissions proposal

Rich Skrenta (
Thu, 2 Dec 93 18:39:11 EST


o I propose that hostile/neutral/ally and admit stick around
from turn to turn, but receive's expire.

This is partly because some receive orders implicitly go
away once they've been used, i.e:

receive 5501 10 2

doesn't mean that 5501 can give me 2 peasants 100 times in
a row.

Alternately, we can simply have RECEIVE <who> / NORECEIVE <who>,
to allow a person to give us any amount of goods. These would
stick around, but you wouldn't be able to limit what items or
how many you received.

William Bruvold <>
> Like this a lot. I would also suggest that, like Atlantis (ghost of
> former Pbem arise), that the disposition of the faction toward
> others is noted in the report. At least one question that needs to
> be addressed is whether one needs to put in a new order each turn or
> whether the value carries over month to month by default.

This can't be done. A faction might be hostile to one of your units,
allied with another, and neutral to everyone else. What do you see?

> This also seems fine. I might suggest that the only problem that
> needs to be clarified is whether adding [item] [qty] flags restricts
> what you will take to that commodity (in other words, will 5501, if
> issuing order #4 accept _only_ peasants and nothing else.

Yes, that's the idea. RECEIVE 5501 means you take anything from 5501,
RECEIVE 5501 10 RECEIVE 5501 78 1 means you'll take any number of
peasants, and one stone, from 5501.

Jay Heyman <>
> Can we admit, attack or permit a faction?

This would give away the faction of the unit, so it can't be done.
Now if we chuck faction trees, and have a flat command hierarchy,
then everyone's lord would be the player entity. Then, we could allow
this, with the exception that it wouldn't work for units concealing
their faction.

* * *

The alternative to the ADMIT/RECEIVE/HOSTILE-NEUTRAL-ALLY system is
to overload a set of declared attitudes for units. Oly I had this,
and it looked like Atlantis 2 was moving this way also.

declare <who> <attitude>

ally accept items, help in combat, stack, admit
friendly accept items, stack, admit
neutral admit
hostile attack on sight

But there are cases where you'd want to receive items from someone, but
not let them stack with you, etc. So it seems best to keep the meanings
in different commands.

Rich Skrenta <>

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