Re: Fees

Jay Heyman (
Thu, 2 Dec 1993 11:31:39 -0800 (PST)

>I would propose an alliance system. Have a rating for every other faction
>in relation to yourself. ie Friendly, neutral, unfriendly, hatred.
>Friendly: You are openly friendly towards the faction/character. They may
> enter your structures freely (paying appropriate fees of course).
>Neutral: Default. The person has been untested as to his loyalty. The
> faction/noble is barred entrance to your structures.
>Hatred: You really hate this group. In fact you may even attack them on
> sight. Be careful who you hate and where as you may attack them
> when you really don't want to.
>This system will also clear up some of the attack/movement problems allowing
>for other possibilities.

Good call. This is a definite need. It would especially handy for trying to
track down a group that has taken something from you and that you want to
attack. As it is now, you run around a lot hoping to end up in the same space
as them so you can launch an attack before they move away at the start of next
turn. This might also allow for groups to cooperate a heck of a lot better, by
creating secure sub-locations that could be used as transfer points for goods
and the like.


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