magic enhancements

David S. Kerven (
Wed, 1 Dec 1993 10:19:15 -0600

Okay folks, looks like the necromantic school is developing pretty well.
How about we start taking a look at the weather magic school. Anybody
have any ideas? Here are a few I cam up with...

Fair Weather - 4 week casting time, variable aura, no component
Effect raise the tax base of the region by 10% (maybe 5%) per aura
invested. Last for as many months as aura invested but at a decreasing
scale. Ex. cast with 3 aura, lasts 3 months, 30% increase first month,
20% increase second month, 10% increase last month.

Disheartening Storm - 1 week, 3? aura, component?
Effects: reduce tax base of region by 20%, chance for unsheltered men
to become ill, reduction in unsheltered attackers strength by 10 (15 or
more?). Effect kick in the following month.

Promising wind - 1 week, 2? aura, no component
increase ship movement rate for remainder of the month (leave exact
specification to someone who has actually used ships).

Well those are a few to start off the discussion. Also, any comments
on the following ideas?

Summon xxxxx Elemental
Air - scrying
Earth - gatecraft
Fire - magic
Water - weather
Demon - necromancy
Each would have unique attributes and maybe differing maintenance requirement
(elementals - y jewels/turn (also, how about a mine jewel skill under
mining), demons y men/turn).

and with above in artifact construction
Staff of Elemental Control
component yew, creator must know summoning spell for type of staff
created, weird component based on elemental type
possession of a staff of the appropriate type would cut maintenance
in half

Just a few random thoughts this morning.


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