Re: Trade and money supply

Rich Skrenta (
Mon, 29 Nov 93 8:56:48 EST

> However, if _anyone_ happens to discover a good market city, they can use it.
> Unless we are careful, instead of creating 'traders' we will create
> even richer warriors, mages,.....will we? I confess I'm not sure of
> the consequences of a new trading system.

Tradegoods are mostly useless. Therefore, finding a market where a rare
good is sold provides no immediate benefit. Only when you haul the item
to a consumer city do you collect the gold.

Now you can tell someone else about finding the item, or you can haul it
there yourself, but either way, I don't think the spirit of trade has been

Regarding the Gatecraft/trade dilema: I'm going to make a gate-aware
distance routine. End of problem. :-)

Rich Skrenta <>

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