Trade and Collecting.

Allan Flanagan (
Wed, 24 Nov 93 13:29:38 -0500

Just a point to note: Isn't it just a little too easy to get a monopoly
in a city? If player x arrives in a city 2 days before I did 2 months
ago he can sell ALL of his items and I can sell nothing for the entire
month for as long as player x can supply his goods each month.

Wouldn't it make more sense to buy (and sell for that matter) equally
to all parties involved?

(now if you had about 6 nobles selling goods that would almost be a

I also don't really care for the quota method of keeping limited quantities
of materials in curculation. Why not increase the time to cut wood instead
of limiting the amount collected in each province. Say 5 or 10 workers can
cut 1 wood a day in forest. Same thing with fishing and any other similar
action. I hate that message saying after 5 days that I can no longer cut
wood in the forest because there is no more.

I would also like to see trades done more frequently.

Perhaps you could build a "shop". This would allow you to sell 10%
more goods to the city. ( cost 25 wood)

Anyways, enough ramblings...

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