Re: format of turns

Rich Skrenta (
Wed, 24 Nov 93 15:50:43 EST

> There are still a couple tweaks I would like to see. The most important is
> to list the activity log section for each character and location at the end
> rather than beginning of that characters/locations report.

That seems counter-intuitive to me. The report is an ending report;
it is what you see after the events logged have taken place.

> Secondly, I like the fact that the characters are now listed in the same
> order in the character report section as in the order template section. It
> makes it faster writing out orders. However, I think it would be easier yet
> if both of these sections were written in numerically increasing order of
> the character unit numbers.

They're listed in command hierarchy order, so your "PC" comes first.
Concieably you could use SWEAR to reorder this list as you like,
although it would be difficult.

Rich Skrenta <>

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