Re: Scry region too easy?

Allan Flanagan (
Wed, 24 Nov 93 02:28:32 -0500

>Another suggestion is to increase the aura cost of Scry location.
>Say, n aura for a location n provinces away.

I really don't see what is wrong with the skill. I aggree it may be too
cheap in aura. I would say n aura for a location 5n (or even 10n) away.
(Rounding up) If one for one it makes the spell useless.

Perhaps what you really want is to make the casting time longer so it would
be faster to just go there by horse? Say a 2 week casting time.

If people want to use it to map out the world that is one use there are much
more useful uses for it though. Want to know where that enemy ship is?

How about scry location only give the location discription and not it's exits?
A vision wouldn't necessarily give a whole lot of info.

I would prefer the spell not change at all but if it did I would prefer the
cost n aura for a location 5n provinces away.


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