Re: Scry region too easy?

John Carr (
23 Nov 1993 14:39:20 -0500 (EST)

> It bothers me that you sit-at-home folks are using Scry region to map
> the world instead of going there yourself.

Not me.

> I am considering some wedges to halt this practice:
> 1. Require that a mage (actually, anyone from the mage's faction)
> have visited the location at some time in the past.
> 2. Require that the location have some human in it.
> 3. 1 or 2. In other words, there would have to be someone there,
> or you would have to have been there yourself in the past.
> 4. Require that someone, anyone, has visited the location.
> I prefer #3.

How about limiting the type of information based on what the mage may or may
not know about the region in question? Since, I've never seen a scry region
spell, I know very little about the results.

For instance, if the region has not been visited before only show the MAIN
physical attributes of the region, mainly the available exits.

If the regions has been there before, show any inner locations and new

If there are humans AND the region has been visited before, show the nobles and
population that are currently there.

Just limit the actual 'useful' ness of the spell.


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