The turn reports.

Joshua Kronengold (JOKHC@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU)
Tue, 28 Sep 93 03:03:38 EDT

I assume the current order of the turn reports is temporary?
Having the location descriptions so far separated from the location
monthly reports makes the reports nigh meaningless, and is counter-intuitive.
In addition, having the character descriptions sandwiched between the two
makes them difficult to locate manually.
The fact that any time the name of a unit is printed it has exactly the
same form makes it difficult to jump around the report -- prehaps a unique form
for units whose detailed descriptions are being printed should be used at the
top of their reports, "name [num] :" for instance, to differentiate those labels
from the faction heirarchy and thereabouts. This would allow one to use emacs's
outline mode (and me to use "all /] :" under xedit) to only see the catagories,
and then expand at the parts one wanted to see, or simply use search for either
the name, number or both in order to jump to a specified character or city in
one step.

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