Re: Cost of building castles?

Joshua Kronengold (JOKHC@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU)
Thu, 18 Nov 93 01:15:31 EST

On Tue, 16 Nov 93 20:32:50 EST you said:
>Please clarify:
>> (I do support cascading
>> of empowerment, though I'm divided on whether it should be limited)
>> >(Say, one could then let the designated guard units issue the designation
>> >command for guard units in their remaining unguarded provinces. One then
>> >gets an interesting spread of power out from a castle. Hmmm. This may all
>> >be too wierd, though.)
>> Nope. Interesting, but not weird.
>Do these refer to the idea of letting the first 4 guards designate even
>further out adjacent provinces to tax? Are you in favor of, or against this
In favor, though I advocate the idea in conjunction with a rule of "only
buildings can collect tax." (so the owner of the castle would "DELIGATE in24",
and the owner of the inn would "TAXFOR cs61"). This only starts getting
complicated when multiple "countries" try to tax the same location, in which
case each gets a fraction of the loot equal to the sum of the distances from
their castles of all the other tax men divided by the sum of all the distances
times the number of tax men. Or, better yet, since it will produce similar
social results with less complication, if two non-castle buildings try to tax
in the same land, they both get nothing (though they might destroy some propert
y, and might not). If two castles/manors try to tax the same land, they divvy
it up equally.
I'm not sure whether you should be able to tax across manors, though
probably not.
This allows you to create very large structures (states) which are very easy
to break, and which require co-operation between several players.

As far as taxation rates, I prefer rather simple model. The tax base of a
default land is 600g. Every week, the tax base increases by 1 for every 5 (*2
monthly, but I prefer doing it weekly, as it reduces, somewhat, the impact of
fly-by-pillaging). If the tax rate below 5 it increases by 1 each week due
to charity. The command for setting the tax rate is TAX gold; there should be
a skill somewhere which allows one to find out the tax base, and the land
description should say something non-numeric about it.

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