How are things progressing??

Allan Flanagan (
Wed, 17 Nov 93 13:47:14 -0500

Here is the list of things wrong that I received back when I started on
turn 16. How much of it is still currently wrong? I realize the tax system
has been overhawled.

This is a partial list of known problems and features which have not
yet been implemented.

o There is not yet a permissions system to limit stacking, give, etc.
Alpha players are asked to play as if such a system were in place,
i.e. do not give items to or stack with other player's characters
without permission from them.

o No subskills of Necromancy or Persuasion have yet been coded.

o The skill system in general is going through a bit of churn.

o The rules for taxation are a bit confusing, and will likely be
revised somewhat.

o FEE only works for buildings and ships at the moment.

o Yew groves are a bit scarce.

o There are no monsters anywhere. The NPC race mechanics have not
yet been coded.


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