Re: Cost of building castles?

John Sloan (
Tue, 16 Nov 93 15:27:14 GMT wrote :

>John Sloan makes some well-reasoned comments, and I like his citadel idea.
>New proposal:
> o Location castle or citadel is in gets 2X (600) tax base.
> No tandem effect for city/province, though.
> o Citadel may not be built within 2 hops of another castle or
> citadel.
> o Citadel additionally collects 50% of surrounding province's taxes.
> Optional wrinkles:
> Recent pillaging in a surrounding province: -25% penalty
> for that province.
> Surrounding province guarded: +25% bonus for that province.
> o A citadel would be more expensive to build, but would of course
> provide stronger defense in battle, and would hold many men.
> bonus for adding a guard to a
> province neighboring a citadel: 75 gold
> max gold (citadel, city, 4 guarded
> provinces, no pillaging): 1800 gold/month
> min gold for a citadel (citadel, no
> city, 4 unguarded pillaged provinces,
> but no pillaging in citadel province): 900 gold
>Rich Skrenta <>

Another path you may want to consider is equating citadels with fortified
cities. Now whether you require there to be a city which you then upgrade to
a citadel by hauling rock and build walls around, or you require that there be
the same collation of nobles and expenditure of NPs to create a citadel out of
thin air. You could have both methods possible.

Just another one for the dartboard.


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