Re: Cost of building castles?

John Sloan (
Tue, 16 Nov 93 13:21:16 GMT wrote :

> o Eliminate 2X tax base increase for castle
> o Create a "manor house" that can collect taxes for a location.
> o Castles allow player to TAX in neighboring regions, or
> to GRANT the ability to tax to another unit or player.
> o Currently tax bases are vulnerable to pillaging, since taxes
> are not collected until the end of the month. This gives an
> incentive to location owners to guard against pillaging.
> The TAX command could be used early in the month, thus reducing
> the yield for later pillage attempts to zero. This is bad.

It is more complex than the current scheme. This is bad.

>Taxes should be auto-collected at the end of the month, but this requires
>at least one noble to be permanently stationed in subject provinces.

This requires lots of nobles to get the cash out of a province. This is
possible with the current NP scheme, but would get tedious fast in terms of the
numbers of nobles a faction would have to create.

Also with the proposed 12NP scheme (of which I heartily approve) this scenario
becomes even more unlikely.

>One way around this problem might be to collect taxes from subject
>provinces at the end of the month, but not allow them to be gathered
>by the player with TAX until the following month. Thus, tax revenue
>for the central castle would come at month end, but taxes from neighboring
>provinces would have to be collected with TAX the following month.

Ugh! Horrid.

>Yikes. Comments?

This proposal has a few interesting things to think about, but in its current
form I think it would be worse than no change at all.

>Rich Skrenta <>


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