Re: Cost of building castles?

Rich Skrenta (
Tue, 16 Nov 93 8:23:44 EST


o Eliminate 2X tax base increase for castle
o Create a "manor house" that can collect taxes for a location.
o Castles allow player to TAX in neighboring regions, or
to GRANT the ability to tax to another unit or player.


o Currently tax bases are vulnerable to pillaging, since taxes
are not collected until the end of the month. This gives an
incentive to location owners to guard against pillaging.

The TAX command could be used early in the month, thus reducing
the yield for later pillage attempts to zero. This is bad.

Taxes should be auto-collected at the end of the month, but this requires
at least one noble to be permanently stationed in subject provinces.

One way around this problem might be to collect taxes from subject
provinces at the end of the month, but not allow them to be gathered
by the player with TAX until the following month. Thus, tax revenue
for the central castle would come at month end, but taxes from neighboring
provinces would have to be collected with TAX the following month.

Yikes. Comments?

Rich Skrenta <>

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