Olympia political system

Rich Skrenta (skrenta@candid.rt.com)
Fri, 12 Nov 93 5:58:47 EST

I'm trying to brainstorm up some ideas for an Olympian political system,
but haven't come up with anything I'm happy with yet. The goal is to
provide another area where players can distinguish themselves, climb
ladders, and compete.

o Grouping of provinces into kingdoms or domains, governed by
a single ruler.

o Positions acquired through appointment, popular campaigns,
acquisition of rare artifacts, ownership of key provinces.

Ideally the players could somehow create their own political structures,
with a bit of game support. Olympia I's guilds were an experiment with
a game-defined political system. The 300 province map was too large for
the static guild system to work. New players starting in the eastern
part of the world were shut out of guilds filled with old-worlders.
Oly II has 7000 provinces...

Please comment or suggest ideas.

Rich Skrenta <skrenta@rt.com>

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