Re: Exits and exit stacking

Brian C. Hobbs (chroma!
Tue, 15 Sep 92 19:30:22 -0400

Rich sez:
> Yes, Internals is still alive. Hiya folks.

> Did anyone prefer exits labelled with long route numbers, instead of
> exits keyed only by direction?

I'd prefer directions, myself. It gives more of an "in the game" feel.

Speaking of which, can we expect to have a new map for the production release
of olympia?

> Stacking with exits let people block routes, but they implied all sorts
> of nasty Olympian physics violations (just which province are you in, if
> you are on the border?). Was it worth it? Several players have said they
> missed exit stacking. Is this only because other methods of region
> control weren't implemented to replace it?

I think region control is very necessary for the economy. Better people have
explained this concept better than I could. I think its more that it worked,
than it worked well.


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