Mon, 31 Aug 92 17:45:36 GMT+12:00

Sorry if I am re-stating previously expressed opinion but incoming mail has
been bouncing (again).

As interesting as it may seem I don't think that having PCs as Gods in
olympia is feasible or practical in the long term. My reasons for saying
this are.

1. Whilst gods should be vain, malicious and petty I think that
the control of said emotions should be in the hands of a program than
in the hands of an ex-PC. Primarily because a PC reaching God-hood
would be very tempted to exorcie his/hers new found powers and take
revenge on those who have caused him/her strife in his/her mortal
existance. (Ultimate power leads to ultimate corruption??).

For instance should Son of Wulf [910] reach God hood the temptation
to turn Spiney Norman into a pillar of salt would be enormous.
(Spiney Norman killed my first charactor Wulf on his first turn of

2. The argument that PCs get bored with playing at the mortal level
and should have the interest re-inspired by a new range of powers/
skills etc. will not stop said PCs becoming bored again.

3. Richard S will need to incorporate another parser and additional
code for a seperate section of players.

4. The directions, motivations and aspect of the god should be
controlled (indirectly) by those that worship IT. (i.e. GOD is made
in mans immage).

Richard Peters
[910] Son of Wulf

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