Tue, 25 Aug 92 17:11:27 GMT+12:00


One thing that has not been discussed is religion and how it would work in
Olympia. At present most people seem to make referance to Atnerks either to
curse or praise depending on what happened (for example look at the fall of
Dr Pain).

Given that Build Temple has popped up in the Construction Skill, is Atnerks
going to make a more tangible appearance in Olympia???

At this stage I humbly apologise if I step on anybody toes or beliefs.

I am of the opinion that religion would be an intergral part of any semi-
feudal society, and to make life really interesting I would see there being
either various aspects or splinter groups of the same religion/god in Olympia
(i.e. similar to christianity) or a range of religions/gods (i.e. The Greek
Gods Apollo, Artemis, etc...)

What are your opinions on this matter????

Richard Peters
[910] Son of Wulf

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