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Rich Skrenta (
Thu, 20 Aug 1992 16:48 EDT

Scott Hauck:
> Another part of Rich's post I like - get rid of the mandatory charge for
> learning.
> ...then we get a good role for more casual players to play - that of a
> band of adventurers, exploring the land for fun and ignoring all
> considerations of money -they couldn't muster enough cash to raise some
> troops, and wouldn't be empire-builders, but it gives a fun alternative
> without much of the Olympia nitty-gritty.

Yes, exactly. Don't force people to play economics if they don't
want to.

But the problem is, if you can study a skill for free, many characters
will send in the orders:

study 101 1
study 102 1
study 103 1

(which is exactly what happened when I removed the skill begin cost,
many turns ago. I put it back the next turn)

Someone claimed that most units only know one or two skills. Fine,
then this won't be a big deal to them. And since you're only limited
to a skill family, there are still lots of choices to make about what
to study. But a character skilled in two separate areas would be more
rare (the warrior-magician, for instance), not the commonplace as it
is now in Olympia.

I've heard "I sorta don't like it" arguments, but nothing really
concretely bad about this idea. I like the feel, and it allows me
to get rid of study costs -- two benefits.

Where are all the other folks on this list?

Rich Skrenta <>

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