Re: Ruins and Quests

Steve Chapin (
Thu, 20 Aug 92 09:31:15 EST

/* still slogging through mail from the past week, that I got while
out of town, so forgive me if this is a dead subject */

>> All of the above can be tossed out randomly and still have some
>> flavor. Here is how. The administrator (i.e. Rich) sets a table for
>> each location for each encounter type. When an EXPLORE is executed, a
>> table is referenced and the appropriate encounters are selected based
>> on the weights specified on the table. For example, suppose Pesbrand
>> has the following table values set:

I'd rather see such table generation built into the map generator. It
could be paramterized by terrain type (e.g. ruins are more likely in
swamps than in plains provinces), and then use some random numbers to
set the values for each province.



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