Pierre-Patrick Rosillon (
Tue, 18 Aug 92 15:32:09 CET

I had 2 units stacked; one died from the plague, the other one is still in
good shape.
I was wondering why the belongings of the entity that died weren't given to
the other unit ? I do agree that considering the situation, it can be said
that all the belongings have been burned to avoid contamination of the
plague, but what happens if during a combat a unit dies. What about his/her
objects ?

P.S. : concerning the dungeon and other quests, it could be a good idea to let
in the dungeon all the objects of the previous adventurers that died in
it. That could solve the "dungeon-already-visited-by-another-player"
problem. You can visit a dungeon a lots of time, and sometimes find
nothing interresting in it, sometimes find a complete plate armor with
a longsword, a war-horse and some gold.


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