Map Feel
Mon, 17 Aug 92 15:47:14 GMT+12:00

Map Feel

This proposal is from the point of view of the map of the
countryside rather than the cities. At present there are about
250 sections of countryside in olympia (including oceans etc)
and these sections of country side are linked by roads/paths
or by known sea routes.

What I propose is to complement the existing network by
placing a map-grid on top (or under if you prefer) of the
present map. Each grid square would be about 30 miles
across (the distance I am assuming a person could
comfortably walk on good terrain in a couple of days). If we
assume a 200 x 200 grid this would increase the land areas
in Olympia from 250 odd to 4000. The purpose of the
increased land areas is that it then allows scope for
trailblazing new paths from city to city (say over a mountain
range that is normally gone around). It would also open up
large tracks of land which could easily hold
cities/towns/villages of other races (i.e orcs). The extra area
would also be a logical hunting place for old ruins that have
been overgrown with vegetation or covered in the shift
desert sands. It would also be very wild terrain in that the
probability of encountering wandering monsters would be
very high.

Each grid square would have its own location number the
same as at present i.e Forest [23542], Lake[3432], East
Urvil[314]. Movement from one location to another would
be pretty much the same as at present.

For instance if you wish to move from East Urvil[314] to
west Urvil[313] (normally 10 days travel) you would issue
the command

Move 313 or
Move w

In incorporating a grid underlay you would in fact be moving
from East Urvil[314], to Forest[256], to Forest[231] to
Forest[546], to West Urvil[314]. The intervening area
between east and west Urvil would not be noticed unless
requested in the move command. i.e.

move 313 F # F for full description or
lands passed.

This would be very similar to SET TRACE 0.

The lands between East and West Urvil could then be
explored if desired.

Travel between centres would then become dependant on
the terrain the track passes through and the state of the
Terrain Travel Time Modifier

Terrain Travel Time Multiplier
Desert 1.5
Hill 2
Swamp 4 (2 with small boat)
Mountain 4
Forest 1
Plain 1
Sea/Lake 1

Road Travel Time per grid
Highway (paved) 1 day/grid
Road 2 days/grid
Path 3 days/grid
Animal Trail 4 days/grid
None 6 days/grid
Sea/Lake 1 day/grid

Movement from major location to major location would be
essentially the same as at present. ie MOVE 314, but in
using a grid underlay the move w would assume that you
wished to move to the next grid not the west road to east

For such a system to work the existing network of locations
would need to be connected by some sort of route (i.e. path,
road, or highway). This route would be defined a series of
linked grids. Any grid that has such a path through it would
have signpost/makers saying Northwest, path, West Urvil 3
days. Southwest etc... This would be to allow for people to
cancel a move order i.e. CANCEL M which drop them in
the middle of the wilderness. From there they could strike
of into the wilderness and explore, hide, build a fortress
from which they can raid. etc...

Son of Wulf [910]

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