Re: Ruins and Quests

Scott Hauck (
Sat, 15 Aug 92 02:23:35 -0700

John and Rob have discussed the Pros of having secret locations along the path
between provinces.

Personally, I like the idea of having secret locations and hidden castles.
However, the proposed method doesn't appeal to me. Why are these locations
stashed on links instead of in regions? Also, if region control goes through,
who controls these locations?

Personally, I'd like to be able to create a stash location in the place I'm
located. For example, there are times I'd like to dump all of my lumber in a
pile, leave, and return for it later. This pile should be hidden, with the
quality of hiding based on the pile creator's stealth + a bit (ie, a 0
stealth person should create a pile that some 0 observation stealth units see,
others don't. For a level n stealth unit, level m<n observation units wouldn't
see it, level n observation units might see it, and level m>n observation
would automatically see it. To limit the growth of these piles, I think it'd
be reasonable to limit each faction to one per province, and the pile acquires
the stealth of the last person touching it (a high stealth unit would clean
things up, a low stealth unit would just botch the previous work).

I'd like a similar ability for building - a stealth n unit can find a building
site which would give a building built there a stealth n-3 (constant can be
twiddled to suit Atnerk's whims). Thus, a level 4 stealth unit could hide a
building as well as a level 1 stealth can hide himself and his stack. Also,
larger buildings could havea greater subtraction from the stealth skill, so
that a citadel could only be hidden to level 2 by a stealth 10 unit.


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