Re: Ruins and Quests

Jay Luo (
Wed, 12 Aug 92 16:47:13 EDT

> > Ruins aren't supposed to be production capital. They're supposed to
> > be exciting quest-like discovery places.
> OK, think of ruin locations as a treasure map. Treasure maps don't tend to
> become public domain as long as there is any treasure to be found, do they
> ?

I kind of like this treasure map idea. Perhaps some percentage of the time
that you spend EXPLOREing you get a treasure map, or a clue, or hear a rumor;
something that tells you the location of ruins in some other (perhaps far
off) province, and maybe something about what can be found there.
("In a smoky dockside bar in Pesbrand you hear of the fabled treasure
of Yellowbeard, buried on Zerick Island...") This would make ruins (and
rumors of ruins) more than just a one shot thing, where you EXPLORE and
then STACK with the ruin all in the same place; you'd have motivation for
travelling again. (There doesn't seem to be as much motivation for
wandering around, at least in explored areas, now that work gives you
the same amount everywhere and guild towers no longer give a training
bonus...but this may just be me.)

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