Re: Ruins and Quests

Rich Skrenta (
Wed, 12 Aug 1992 14:45 EDT

Scott Hauck:
> One question: If each player's dungeon-delving experience is seperate from all
> others (ie. my exploration doesn't help or hurt another player's exploration
> of the same ruins) then what prevents Oleg from freely disseminating a map
> of all the ruins in the land?

That would be a problem. Perhaps encounters with ruins are a completely
personal things, the ruins aren't in fixed places. EXPLORE might
randomly generate one for you; you could leave it unexplored, in which
case it would remain in existence until you returned to it or someone
else found it. But once a ruin was explored, it would melt away and

This would also lighten the burden of map-making. If encounter-junk
is created on the fly, the map needed be seeded with gobs of things
by me initially. If I decided to add something else that could be found,
I would just add it to the list of things that EXPLORE could turn up.
I wouldn't have to add junk to the map.

Rich Skrenta <>  N2QAV

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