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Frits Kuijlman (
Wed, 12 Aug 92 16:34:23 MET DST

I want to pose another problem about having assisting units or not.
Plus some more general questions.

Say I want to start an armory. Of course I need a master smith, but to get
a bit more production I need some assistants, and these assistants should
not be braindead (some skill would be nice).

In the current system I can just hire some men and train them.

With the new system I have two options:

1. I can get a lot of "companions" and get them to the level of apprentice
smith. This is similar of the current system.

2. I can try and hire for some gold a few assistent smiths. Hopefully I
can get some skilled ones. What if none are available? Should I offer more
gold so that possible assistents travel from far away to be hired?

Question 1 : need these kind of assistents be skilled, or don't they need
skill and will the master smith direct them?

Question 2 : Is the production output of a master smith and 9 braindead
hired assistent less/equal/more than the output of a master smith and 9
individual apprentice "companions"? Or : is there an advantage in having
experts or do you need just plain brute workforce?

Question 3 (another subject) : how will the game start? Will you get some
gold to get companions as it is now? Or will you just get some "points"
to create companions and give them skills?

Question 4 : how will the game feel? Will be more focused on individual
adventurers and craftsmen? Will it still be possible to play like we do
now, but without all the hassle of having a big payroll to fulfill?

Another couple of cents wort of opinion. (Rich can get rich this way :-)


Frits Kuijlman                      frits @
Delft University of Technology               The Netherlands

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