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Rob McNeur (ROB@ccc.govt.nz)
Tue, 11 Aug 92 17:47:41 GMT+12:00

With reference to the current discussions concerning the changes to the
spells available. As my network link has been out for nearly 3 weeks, I may
have missed things, in which case I apologise for going over old ground.

This is a copy of a letter I sent to Rich a couple of months ago.
The current spell list appears to be slightly limited. I would like to
suggest a collection of spells which would be used to temporarily reinforce
skills. Each would have a temporary effect of increasing the skill level
with the actual effect and duration dependant on the ability of the mage.
This allows the mage to specialise more, become more individualistic and
more constructive in the role of the game. It also gives them MUCH more
input into their factions development, rather than being slightly separate
from the rest of the faction and unable to lend much direct support.

Animal Friendship - Basically this, when cast on a unit, would increase the
Equestrian skill for 2-4 weeks by a constant factor, either double
it or treat it as though it were 2 levels higher, or give a
temporary minimum level of 1.
Construct - This, when cast on a unit, acts similiarly for the Construction
and Shipbuilding skills, allowing a temporary increase for 2-4 weeks,
dependant on the level of the mage.
Heroism - Acts similiarly, but increases Combat skill
Invisibility - as above, but works on Stealth
Snake Tongue - As above, but acts on Trade, Entertainment, Teaching

Any interest in these kind of enhancements ?

Aka Kaspar [581]

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