Mon, 10 Aug 92 20:09:57 -0900

>doesn't mean it won't happen. I do, however, feel that roads should
>require the raw material "stone". Every good road is built of stone.

But at our tech level, over these long distances, I would think
stone roads would be exceedingly rare and very hard to build, but
I'm not up on my history of ancient civilizations. However, as
a recent example, the Alaska Highway took 8 months to build, but
50 years to get it all paved. Even here in Juneau, the state capitol,
most roads are still not paved.

>(A) A raw material
>(B) Tools
>(C) Gold to cover costs

Yes, tools for this and other skills should eventually be added,
but I look at these things more as chrome, farther down on the list
of priorities list.

I think it has taken a reasonable amount of time for people to
get to the road building stage of the game, and the difficulty
(or lack thereof) of building roads is just about right in relation
to other things in the game.

Lysandra [825]

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