re: where will Olympia be in a year?

Sun, 09 Aug 92 21:10:07 -0900

>1) Every link will be a road. Road building is cheap. If you have
>enough men, it's quicker to build a road and move along it than to
>just walk.
>2) Ships will cover the ocean. Ships are very inexpensive to build if
>you cut your own lumber.
>To cure #1 and #2, I would suggest that more inputs should be
>required. Building a road takes no stone or gold. Building a ship
>takes no gold, if you cut your own wood. The labor inputs to both
>activities is fairly inexpensive. Simply drastically raising the price
>would be a good start. Is 15,000 gold a fair price for a galley? I
>think so.

Why do these need to be cured? We should be able to create just
such a civilization. I don't think either activity is too cheap.
I don't think roads should require stone, most roads aren't paved.
Maybe another subskill for turning a road link into a paved road
link could be added, but that task should be the real expensive
one, since such a road would take vast amounts of stone. As for gold,
the men are already being paid. Roads should require maintenance
though. Also, when building a road, however, the road crew should
start at one end, and end up at the other. If half my crew has the magical
power to instantly teleport to the other end of a link, they should not
be wasting their time building roads. :) I don't think ship building is
too cheap, but just about right. Have ships require maintenance too, same
for towers and other buildings.

The problem I think we do have, however, is that the world is way too
small. While we create a civilization here, we should also be able
to explore for new continents that are many many months away. These
continents should not have populations/towns/cities. We will have
to bring over the colonists, and build the towns. Leave the current
land areas the way they are so we can create countries, have our little
resource wars, etc.

>3) Guilds will still be meaningless. The most powerful players are the
>ones who engage in many kinds of activities, hence have interests in
>many guilds.

Yep, do away with the formal guild structure within the game system,
the players can form their own guilds amongst themselves. Also lose
*all* those guild towers. If you want a tower, you have to build it

>4) There will be billions and billions of high-level characters in
>every profession, since it is pretty inexpensive to train 1 man to a
>high level.

Not sure this is a problem, as there will also be a corresponding increase
in the unwashed masses. However, as faction size and power increase, so
do the number of wars. Resources will become very tight in those areas
populated the longest. Should the level 10 cap on skills be removed?
Should aging be added?

Lysandra [825]

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