Re: Region control

Scott R. Turner (
Tue, 28 Jul 92 11:51:41 -0700

> The point here is that if I want to stop player X from coming into my
> province, I also probably want to kill him.

I don't think so. For example, one big motivation for controlling
regions is to control access to resources. (That was, after all, the
original idea behind the Dark Nation.) You don't want to kill X, you
just want him to pay for the privilege of shopping at your market or
studying at your tower. Another example is to restrict movement, say
by holding Summerbridge.

More importantly, Combat is simply *not* a viable mechanism for region
control. The reasons have been pointed out endlessly, so I won't go
into them again. Olympia needs a mechanism for region control. The
only question now is what shape that will have.

-- Scott T.

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