Re: Region control

Rich Skrenta (
Tue, 28 Jul 1992 13:33 EDT

Greg Lindahl:
> I'm not sure if the province attitudes will be useful, though. If
> attitude HOSTILE for players is implemented, and you don't like player
> X, you're better off letting him into the province and then killing
> him.

An attitude system which allowed you to more specifically state who
could do what would help here. :-) But that's not really your complaint;
you don't see a reason to control access to regions, since you feel
that ATTACK is good enough. Nevertheless, some players want a more
formal mechanism for limiting traffic through their regions.

> > The one part of this plan which I don't like is that there isn't
> > much of a use for castles and towers (Scott pointed this out).
> Traditionally, these were places you could stick your troops for
> defensive purposes. This is true in Olympia. What more do you want?

Note that in the regions-in-your-faction plan, a tower isn't associated
with your province stack.

province Drassa, faction [501]
Osswid, ruler of Drassa
Fighters of Pelenth

Castle Rodonus
Rodonus the Red

What relation does the castle have to the province protection? None,
here. So this is the problem. Did you think that it would help in
the province defense, or you don't think that it's a problem that
it doesn't have anything to do with the province stack?

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